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network licence

NextPatientPlease is a Windows application that allows doctors (or any other professionals) to inform the reception desk that they are free for the next patient (client). 

Using your existing computer network, it does not need any additional wiring. 

Although designed for the needs of family doctors, it can readily be used in many other situations. 

At the press of a key, the reception desk is alerted that you are ready for your next patient. 

The alert consists of an optional customizable tone, popup window with your name and room and a “coloured light”. The receptionist can choose from a selection of provided tones for each room (or record a new tone) and select a colour for each room. It is then easy for receptionist to know which room is calling, audibly and visually.

In addition, hitting a 3 key combination (usually Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar) transmits an immediate request for assistance (“Panic Button”)

NextPatientPlease consists of 2 component applications:
ReceptionNextPlease which is installed at the reception desk computer
NextPatientPlease client which is installed on consulting room computers (as required)

Getting Started
Getting Started
Awards for NextPatientPlease

Version 1.2

  • Uses Windows Vista/XP preferred file locations
  • Improved Help File (CHM)
  • XP Themes
  • Option to lock configuration settings
  • Remains compatible with version 1.1 on same network


A computer network (LAN)

Window XP or 2000 is preferred for the reception computer.
A sound card is required on reception computer if you wish to use
customizable call tones

For installation, MS Installer and WinZIP may be required